RKDL in addition to manufacturing and marketing of its own liquor products, is also having tie-up arrangement with various leading liquors companies of India like:

  • Radico Khatian Ltd.
  • Shashi Distilleries Pvt. Ltd.
  • John Distilleries Ltd.
  • Gemini Distilleries (Pondy) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mondovi Distilleries & Breweries Pvt. Ltd

for manufacturing and marketing of their popular brands like:

  • 8 PM Rare Whisky, White field Brandy
  • Radico Gold VSOP Brandy
  • 8PM Excellency Brandy
  • Brihans Grape VSOP Brandy
  • 8PM Bermuda Rum
  • Old Admiral VSOP Brandy
  • Contessa XXX Rum
  • Royal Gold Cup Whisky
  • Chairman Brandy
  • Magic Brandy
  • Original Choice Deluxe Brandy
  • Original Choice Deluxe Whisky
  • Mysore Lancer Whisky
  • Black Jack Whisky
  • Majestic Fine Brandy
  • Bombay Grape Brandy
  • Mens Choice Fine Whisky.